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Oz Lotteries Members Win Lotto Millions

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Oz Lotteries gives away millions of dollars in prize money to Australian lotto players every month – and that’s without mentioning our massive Division 1 winners of $25,000,000 or more!

In February 2016, an Oz Lotteries member purchased her official Powerball ticket online and won the entire $25,000,000 jackpot.

The lucky lotto player from West Footscray, a Melbourne suburb, must have had a sleepless night when she realised she had matched all six winning Powerball numbers plus the Powerball itself. Her official 18-game Standard ticket, purchased on the Oz Lotteries app, resulted in a life-changing $25,000,000 windfall.

The woman was reportedly “super excited” to receive the news, especially after telling a family member that she was finally going to win lotto in 2016! She said she had been a regular player since joining Oz Lotteries in 2012, but usually played 10-game tickets. When setting up her ticket in the Oz Lotteries app, she realised she had selected the default number of 18 games, and decided to play the extra 8. Amazingly enough, it was the 17th game that matched all 7 numbers and hit the jackpot!

In April 2015, another Oz Lotteries member who purchased her Division 1 winning Powerball ticket online won over $30,000,000 in multiple divisions. The woman from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales was the only lucky player to clinch the $30,000,000 Powerball prize and the news was “a total shock”.

Her winning Super Combo Powerhit System 7, purchased on her mobile from OzLotteries.com, brought her over $30,000,000 across multiple divisions. After checking her email inbox to find a message from Oz Lotteries notifying her of the Division 1 win, the woman “screamed” at her husband that they might have won lotto.

“He thought it was spam mail… or a technical glitch… and everyone got a message saying they had won!” she told Oz Lotteries. However it all became real once she received a confirmation phone call from the customer support team, and she was able to share the amazing news with her family.

Could you be Australia’s next multi-millionaire? Powerball jackpots to $3,000,000 this Thursday and you can get your official tickets online until 8pm AEDT the day of the draw.

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